Does Subliminal Messaging Work

by on April 9, 2013

How can subliminal messaging work?


It is not surprising with the advances of MP3 technology that people will seek to use it to help to improve themselves in any way possible. It is rapidly becoming a very popular medium. It is not surprising therefore that it has adopted subliminal technology to help to meet these requirements.

Subliminal messaging has had some weird connotations. Some researchers claim that it is nothing more than the placebo affect which brings the improvements. I would ask firstly; does it really matter where or how the improvements come from?

A placebo is a ‘pretend’ medication which is completely inert and used when medicines are being trialled to compare its effect to the new drug. More recently drug companies are finding it increasingly difficult to bring new expensive drugs to market because the placebo affect seems to be more powerful than ever in trials

Warch this enlightening video;

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I am not accepting the placebo argument for subliminal messaging here except to say if it works, why question it?

The SubliminalMP3s have a simple and powerful message. Simple because they say; ‘do not believe the hype of other producers. This is not rocket science. We have found a very effective way to deliver the message you need to hear.’

The very simple yet powerful affirmations are played at a frequency which is not heard. It is possible to listen to these programmes while doing a normal days work, driving, gardening  or while sleeping.


How do they work;

By speaking directly to the subconscious mind the simple messages are heard and recorded there. The subconscious is the part of the mind which contains all our pre-learned habits and programmes for  normal everyday activity; activities like brushing or driving or dressing which we do without conscious thinking while we are planning our next actions and the rest of the day.

But deep in the subconscious are your beliefs other negative habits and inhibitions which resulted from judgements made years ago. Amongst these are programmes like ‘I can’t and I am no good at….; Barriers which stop you from being confident, losing weight or learning a language.

Your judgements set barriers which were judged to be for self-protection. It is very difficult to change these barriers or to get passed them. By communicating with the subconscious directly new habits can be learned because it is to here that we learn things.

We all have things about ourselves we would like to change.

We can seek time consuming therapy of some sort which is expensive also. We can read books and try to absorb new ways from them. Or, we can take this very easy way out by purchasing MP3 programmes which are not expensive and are a pleasure to use taking up no real time from other activities. In the reviews article below, there are many examples of and quotes from satisfied people who had quick and very satisfying outcomes.


I believe in our ability to change the way we think. Why spend time and money paying others to help you to achieve what you are capable of achieving through this simple effective method. I only support programmes in which I believe. i believe in tehse

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